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Text: Watch Now; Image: Architecture, Design & Structure in Literature promo with Brandon Abdon

Architecture, Design & Structure in Literature

Ernest Hemingway once famously said that “Prose is architecture. It’s not interior design.” Well-known for the sparsity and tight structure of his prose, this is no surprise. That said, there are a number of other writers (and readers) who would no doubt argue with this. Where would most poems be...

Text: Watch Now; Image: AP Lit at the Middle of the Year

AP® Literature at The Middle of the Year

It’s December. You’re tired. You are fairly certain that you cannot lead another discussion about—or design another activity around—something like the juxtaposition of short sentences and longer sentences in the same text and the effect that variance would have on the text.  

Text: Current Events & Your AP Government Classroom, Free Webinar; Image: Headshots of David Wolfford and Brian Stevens

Current Events & Your AP® Government Classroom

Around 2005, I started a more regular and purposeful current events routine in my AP® Government and Politics class. I would supply three articles on Sunday, and students needed to read them by class time on Tuesday. I creatively called it “Current Events Tuesday.” No students cheered, but I soon...