Science Fiction Month

Green background with book in the front. Book cover reads

Cheers to Stolen Memories

Way back in the day, we had this thing called Must See TV. And one of the shows you had to “must-see” was Cheers. Set in a bar in Boston, the show operated around the premise that “sometimes you want to go where everyone knows your name.”

Purple background with book, The Darkness Outside Us pictured. The cover shows two young men standing close together inside a spaceship.

Catfish in Space?

For some bizarre reason, I’ve recently gotten into the MTV show Catfish. Basically, it’s a documentary show where the hosts help people track down someone who they have met or fallen in love with online. The catch—they have never met in person (and many times, think that something seems fishy). 

front cover of Akemi Dawn Bowman's The Infinity Courts against a teal background. The image on the book is of a teenage girl in front of a red colored full moon.

Keurig Confessions—Love the Machine, or Else…

About three weeks ago, my Keurig died halfway through brewing my morning cup of This Is My Only Reason For Living. Weeping, lamenting, and the rending of stevia packets in protest did nothing to assuage the pain pulsating from the hole left in my soul at the death of my beloved morning companion.