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Student writing their FRQ response in test booklet for AP Human Geography exam

AP Human Geography: How to Improve FRQ Responses

This blog entry is designed to provide some hints to help your students improve their writing on the free-response section of the exam. The expectations, instruction, and instruction that teachers provide students related to FRQ writing is extremely important and will dramatically impact student...

World map

How to Approach the 2023 AP® World History Exam

Experienced AP World History teacher Dave Drzonek and AP World History Exam table leader Charlie Hart discuss what students did well and what they struggled with on the 2022 AP World History Exam, and offer tips on how to use this information to better prepare students for the upcoming 2023 exam.

Text: Download Lesson. Image: Old map of the world

AP® World History: How to DBQ

As we get closer to the AP® World History Exam, students will begin to stress about the required essays they will write as part of the exam. The Document-Based Question essay is particularly challenging for students because they can struggle with reading and understanding the documents they are...