AP® Social Studies

AP® US History: Article Analysis

In a 2004 Gallup survey, history and social studies ranked as the least popular subject for teenagers. Why is this? Many adults recount history class as being forced to memorize names, dates, and events without a connection to one another. Acronyms like SOAPStone (Speaker, Occasion, Audience,...

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Analyzing Primary Sources in the Social Studies

One of the most common tasks I see in the social studies classroom is the use of primary sources. The power of letting people choose their own story and bringing diverse perspectives to the historical narrative is essential and worthy work. After all, teaching with textbooks, for a wide variety of...

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How to Approach the 2023 AP® World History Exam

Experienced AP World History teacher Dave Drzonek and AP World History Exam table leader Charlie Hart discuss what students did well and what they struggled with on the 2022 AP World History Exam, and offer tips on how to use this information to better prepare students for the upcoming 2023 exam.

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AP® Gov: Political Cartoons

Political cartoons have influenced the public and brought about change like other tools in the press. The historic 1754 cartoon of a sliced-up snake, each piece marked as a colony, appeared in Ben Franklin’s newspaper preceding the French and Indian War. You’re probably familiar with Thomas Nast’s...

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Top 5 Tips to Prepare for the AP® Government Exam

It’s about that time. The Advanced Placement® Government & Politics Exam is around the corner. I’m sharing my top five tips to help you prepare students for the big day. These include some of the basics like knowing the obscure vocabulary and some of the AP® Buzzwords, using the CED as a review...

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AP® Government Exam: Quantitative Analysis Review

In 2021, the College Board® added a new section to the AP® U.S Government and Politics Exam: quantitative analysis. This counts for four raw points on the exam. Along with the data project, students are asked to evaluate data and use their critical thinking skills to connect data to political...