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Author Q&A: Dr. Brandon Abdon

You know him as an AP® English teacher, webinar presenter, and author of our AP® Literature and Composition and AP®  Language and Composition coursebooks by AMSCO®.But how did he get here?Watch the video below to find out how Brandon become a teacher, and what he finds most rewarding about...
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Author Q&A: Lauren Peterson

Come hang out with one of our AP® Language and Composition coursebook by AMSCO® authors, Lauren Peterson! Lauren emphasizes that her role as a teacher extends beyond the classroom. Hear about how she became a teacher, her opinion on hardback versus paperback books, and how she inspired a student to...

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AP® Lang: Word of the Year

It's almost the end of the school year! With the exam behind you and your students, take a moment in class to reflect on this past year (while giving them a final lesson in AP® Lang). The work on this reflection will start by studying, evaluating, and analyzing words and phrases that mainstream...