Lauren Peterson, M.S. Education

AP Language: Quote Displacement

In this lesson, students will choose pages from a scene from an assigned novel (this can be done with a shorter text, too). Students will start by choosing significant dialogue and writing in the middle of a blank page (included in the template). They will reflect on the context of the quote and...

Examples of AP Lang students' doodle notes

AP Language: Doodle Notes

In this lesson(s), students will create “Doodle Notes” to showcase their understanding of one of the free response questions on the AP Language exam or of a text studied in class. "Doodle Notes" are a visual note-taking method designed to increase focus and memory. You can find more information here

AP® Lang: Places & Spaces

For this activity, a place is considered to be a geographical location, whereas a space might be an abstract state of being. Students will review methods of development and practice using definition, compare-contrast, definition, and description to define their place or space, noting how their...

3 different colored circles overlapping in the middle.

Mediums for AP® Lang

In this activity, students will read and reflect on the different types of writing they might encounter on the AP® Language & Composition Exam. First, they will match the mode/medium of writing to a definition and to how this might look at the AP Lang Exam. From there, students will do a...