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Women's History Month: I Am Malala

In recent months, the Taliban in the Middle East has taken over once again after American troops removed themselves. The first person I thought of was Malala Yousafzai and what in the world she was going to do about this. Her story is one of strength under impossible torture and pain.

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Black History Month: Death by Journal

Okay—circle of trust here. After dropping my youngest child off at college all the way from San Antonio, Texas, to Lawrence, Kansas, at The University of Kansas, I simply said goodbye and drove the 11 hours back home. Except, as soon as I got to our house, I stepped into the hallway bathroom and...

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Mental Health Awareness: Your Brain Needs a Hug

The words are never right. The time is never perfect. And life keeps piling stress after stress onto the people we love. What do we say to someone who might be struggling with a mental illness? I usually ask if I can help in any way or send them their favorite junk food with a heart-felt note. But...