Michael M. Guevara

Side by side book covers, from left to right, Slay by Brittney Morris and Darius the Great is not Okay by Adib Khorram

5 Books I've Slept On

We've all been there– you hear endless praise for a book and buy it, fully intending to learn what all the hype is about. But then it sits on your TBR shelf for months collecting dust.

Illustration of a pear sitting on top of three books

Perfect Pear-ings

Your Bow Tie Literacy Guy Michael Guevara is showcasing his favorite book pairings! Add these titles to your classroom library and download an accompanying ELA lesson. Happy reading!

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Halloweenie Books

October is spooky month so what better way to embrace the season than books with mutant teenagers, witches, vampires, and more! Michael Guevara offers five recommendations for Halloween related books and provides an accompanying lesson for each. 

Illustrative images of teenagers reading books, sitting on a brick wall. Above them are speech bubbles with emojis showing how they feel about the books: a smile for happiness, COOL, a crown, and a heart.

If You Build It, They Will Read

Last week during her first week of school, I had a conversation with a fresh-out-of-college-first-year teacher who was spending her evenings typing up grammar practice slides to keep students busy and, hopefully, ward off behavior issues. 

wooden table background, a red book sits on top of it titled

Dates, Death, and Dybbuks—Oy vey!

Earlier this summer, my oldest son was making random conversation at dinner about the foolishness of dating aphorisms, like how you shouldn’t talk about politics or religion on the first date. He asked if we could even imagine his brother, our middle child, on a date with someone who didn’t share...

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Hits, Hoverboards, and Alternate Realities

Back in the days before television screens were flat, before we had televisions in every room of the house, before crazy high screen resolutions let us see every line, wrinkle, and flaw on previously unflawed celebrities, I remember watching a boxing match during the Olympics with friends and...