Michael M. Guevara

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The Gift of the Math Guy

Before transitioning away from life as a public school educator, I worked as the academic trainer for English and social studies in a large, urban high school in San Antonio. I partnered with English and social studies teachers on strengthening the literacy skills of their students.

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The Gift of Reading: We Three Books

On the day after state testing, one of my sophomores burst into the room and announced: “Mr. G, I used rule of three on my essay.”

It was a proud moment. Rule of Three is the concept that words or phrases are inherently more appealing in groups of three. It’s a quick and dirty writing trick/tip I...

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Myth with a Side of Mashed Potatoes

Like most kids ushered though elementary school in the days when the Charlie Brown holiday specials aired on television once a year and if you missed them, you just had to wait until next year, I learned the myth of Thanksgiving like it was the gospel truth.