Michael M. Guevara

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Black History Month: Death by Journal

Okay—circle of trust here. After dropping my youngest child off at college all the way from San Antonio, Texas, to Lawrence, Kansas, at The University of Kansas, I simply said goodbye and drove the 11 hours back home. Except, as soon as I got to our house, I stepped into the hallway bathroom and...

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Black History Month: The Friend You Need

In just the past few weeks, I’ve seen two friends post on social media about their spirit animals. 


Neither of them is Native American.


Recently, State Farm ran a commercial where Aaron Rodgers claimed to have a spirit animal. 


He’s not Native American either. 

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Dear Son,

On December 20, four days after his semester finished, my youngest son flew home for Christmas break. On December 29, he flew back—19 days before his new semester started.

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The Gift of the Math Guy

Before transitioning away from life as a public school educator, I worked as the academic trainer for English and social studies in a large, urban high school in San Antonio. I partnered with English and social studies teachers on strengthening the literacy skills of their students.

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The Gift of Reading: We Three Books

On the day after state testing, one of my sophomores burst into the room and announced: “Mr. G, I used rule of three on my essay.”


It was a proud moment. Rule of Three is the concept that words or phrases are inherently more appealing in groups of three. It’s a quick and dirty writing trick/tip I...