Lou Gallo

Catherine The Great portrait in black and white

AP Euro: Catherine The Great–Englightened Or Not?

One of the greatest rewards of teaching history is when students are able to show that they can think in a complex manner and recognize that history is often muddled with differing interpretations and controversies. Catherine the Great is one of the more complex rulers that students must study in AP

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AP® Euro: Tackling the DBQ

Many teachers consider the Document Based Question (DBQ) of the AP® European History Exam to be one of the more challenging aspects of the course. Students are faced with a variety of tasks that they must complete in one hour.

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AP® Euro: The Age of Reformation

For well over a millennium, Western Europe was unified by religious orthodoxy to the Roman Catholic Church. Although the church had been challenged on numerous occasions, religious uniformity only began to collapse during the 16th century during the period known as the “Protestant Reformation.”    

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AP Euro: Napoleon Bonaparte and the Complexity Point

Most AP® European History teachers try to pace their class by killing Napoleon prior to winter break. Hopefully the attached lesson plan will be useful as you wind down this semester as it requires students to categorize the policies of Napoleon Bonaparte and create a complex thesis that will be...

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APUSH: Comparisons in Colonial America

Between 1607 and 1754, the British presence in North America vastly increased and there were more than 30 British colonies. Among those colonies were the “13 colonies” that eventually became the United States.