Most AP® European History teachers try to pace their class by killing Napoleon prior to winter break. Hopefully the attached lesson plan will be useful as you wind down this semester as it requires students to categorize the policies of Napoleon Bonaparte and create a complex thesis that will be the basis of an essay organized in a way to help students earn the complexity point from the AP® history rubric.  


The goal is for students to leave this lesson with a better understanding of Napoleon’s policies, as well as having a strong organizational format for writing complex essays.






Lou Gallo is a College Board AP® European History and United States History consultant who leads summer institutes nationally. He currently teaches both courses at West High School in Knoxville, Tennessee, and also teaches AP® European History online at Dwight Global, based in New York City. He has also served in a leadership role at the AP® European History reading since 2000 and is a Senior Reviewer of the AP® European History coursebook by AMSCO®.