AP® Social Studies (5)

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Current Events & Your AP® Government Classroom

Around 2005, I started a more regular and purposeful current events routine in my AP® Government and Politics class. I would supply three articles on Sunday, and students needed to read them by class time on Tuesday. I creatively called it “Current Events Tuesday.” No students cheered, but I soon...

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What is Human Geography?

So, you have taken the plunge and are now teaching AP® Human Geography. People will ask “What is Human Geography?” but you have no idea how to answer (yet). I get this question all the time (from students and teachers alike) and I have a short and longer answer that will help kick off your...

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AP® World History: How to DBQ

As we get closer to the AP® World History Exam, students will begin to stress about the required essays they will write as part of the exam. The Document-Based Question essay is particularly challenging for students because they can struggle with reading and understanding the documents they are...