AP® Social Studies (5)

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AP® Gov: Constitutional Amendments

One of the most important goals of civics education is to get students to understand the imperfections of the constitutional system of the United States. The system, webbed together through a series of compromises, reflects the values of the authors, largely based upon Judeo-Christian values,...

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AP® World History: Sports & Colonization

This lesson module can be used by regular or AP® World, U.S., or European History teachers to develop an understanding of how sport has been used as a "tool" to assimilate Indigenous cultures into the Imperial state's economy, politics, and culture. Portions or all of the lesson modules could also...

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APUSH: Comparisons in Colonial America

Between 1607 and 1754, the British presence in North America vastly increased and there were more than 30 British colonies. Among those colonies were the “13 colonies” that eventually became the United States.  

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Current Events & Your AP® Government Classroom

Around 2005, I started a more regular and purposeful current events routine in my AP® Government and Politics class. I would supply three articles on Sunday, and students needed to read them by class time on Tuesday. I creatively called it “Current Events Tuesday.” No students cheered, but I soon...

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What is Human Geography?

So, you have taken the plunge and are now teaching AP® Human Geography. People will ask “What is Human Geography?” but you have no idea how to answer (yet). I get this question all the time (from students and teachers alike) and I have a short and longer answer that will help kick off your...