Do you struggle with teaching over 800 years of content and building college-level skill proficiency to AP® World History students? Does teaching AP® World seem like riding an escalator, where you are never being able to get off on a floor to explore? Are you always struggling with timing and fitting in everything this course demands? 


Success is just a webinar away. 


Join Dave Drzonek in this video to help you plan your AP® World History course and learn how to construct a course that keeps you on track yet still allows the flexibility for exploration and skill enrichment. Dave shares his expertise as well as some creative lessons designed to target both skill development and content to ensure that your curriculum balances both of these important aspects of AP® World. 


This webinar begins with overall tips to help teachers become more successful in AP® World and reviews an entire year’s schedule utilizing the AP® World History coursebook by AMSCO®. It outlines the importance of weekly structure and the strategic scaffolding of skills. Creative lessons that target both skill development and content are made available and explained, and Dave shares what he believes to be the most important experience for getting the results that you seek.






Dave Drzonek is in his 22nd year of teaching at Carl Sandburg High School in Orland Park, Illinois, and has been teaching AP® World History since 2006. He is currently a Senior Reviewer and Writer for the AP® World History: Modern coursebook by AMSCO® and has developed and delivered AP® World History content for the online video-based AP® test prep service GetAFive. He has also been a reader for the Advanced Placement® World History Exam. He earned his M.A. in Teaching, Curriculum and Instruction at Governors State University in Illinois. He believes that there is no greater way to spend a lifetime than teaching.