It’s December. You’re tired. You are fairly certain that you cannot lead another discussion about—or design another activity around—something like the juxtaposition of short sentences and longer sentences in the same text and the effect that variance would have on the text.  


In short—you needed the winter or holiday or end-of-semester break or whatever you call it.  


It’s January now and you’re ready to push through to the end: about 4 months or about 16 weeks or about 80 days until your exam. 


This webinar will center on a few things that really matter for you and your students as you look forward to the second half of the year. Understandings that are absolutely essential, things students must do regularly (or daily), things you may have already taught but should teach again, and even things that you think you just HAVE to get to but don’t really. 


With the goal of affirming your thinking about YOUR students and YOUR course, hopefully you walk away feeling more empowered and with a little less weight on your shoulders.  


Watch now!




Brandon Abdon has 20 plus years in education including 12 years as a high school English teacher, 8 as a professor of English and Education, and 8 as a curriculum developer and instructional coach. He also has more than 10 years of experience as a consultant and formerly worked as the lead director for the international Advanced Placement program at the College Board. A fellow of the National Writing Project, Brandon believes in the power of writing daily in the classroom. He also knows that all students have a path to literacy when engaged and challenged suitably. He is the senior author of two textbooks: AP® Language and Composition (2020) and AP® Literature and Composition  (2021) coursebooks both by AMSCO®. He is also a collaborator on a number of projects to support English teachers and their classrooms, including the Mosaic Slow-Conference project and The Garden of English. He holds advanced degrees in both English and Education - including a Doctorate in English - and certification as both a teacher and an administrator. During his full time work in high school classrooms, he was recognized with the National Council of Teachers of English “High School Teacher of Excellence” award in 2010. He has taught courses at the University of Kentucky and Georgia State University, teaching courses including English Composition 1, Introduction to Literature, Literature for Teachers, Composition for Teachers, and others. He likes to read and play sports, but does both of them slowly and only one of them well. He has been married to his brilliant wife, Angela, since 2008 and has two sons, Hilton and Dorian.