Literature (4)

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The Gift of Reading: We Three Books

On the day after state testing, one of my sophomores burst into the room and announced: “Mr. G, I used rule of three on my essay.”


It was a proud moment. Rule of Three is the concept that words or phrases are inherently more appealing in groups of three. It’s a quick and dirty writing trick/tip I...

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Myth with a Side of Mashed Potatoes

Like most kids ushered though elementary school in the days when the Charlie Brown holiday specials aired on television once a year and if you missed them, you just had to wait until next year, I learned the myth of Thanksgiving like it was the gospel truth.

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Mental Health Awareness: Your Brain Needs a Hug

The words are never right. The time is never perfect. And life keeps piling stress after stress onto the people we love. What do we say to someone who might be struggling with a mental illness? I usually ask if I can help in any way or send them their favorite junk food with a heart-felt note. But...

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Mental Health Awareness: Are u ok?

Being a teenager means a lot of things, but starting to date and get into romantic relationships or friendships sticks out as a huge milestone. The thing most teens need is guidance to make a healthy choice when choosing with whom to be friends or more than friends. Many students have seen toxic...