8 Young Adult books

Tough Topics But Important Stories

Many adults forget teens are experiencing a lot for the first time—friendships, love, heartbreak, and peer pressure. Sometimes these experiences lead to poor decisions, addiction, changes in behavior, or legal issues. In high school, every grade counts toward their future aspirations. That’s a lot...

World map

How to Approach the 2023 AP® World History Exam

Experienced AP World History teacher Dave Drzonek and AP World History Exam table leader Charlie Hart discuss what students did well and what they struggled with on the 2022 AP World History Exam, and offer tips on how to use this information to better prepare students for the upcoming 2023 exam.

Graphic organizer showing the different parts of a narrative plot: exposition, conflict, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution

Interactive Plot Map

Carmel McDonald walks you through how she walks her middle school ELA students through narrative structure with an interactive plot map. Download her worksheet below!

AP® Lang: Places & Spaces

For this activity, a place is considered to be a geographical location, whereas a space might be an abstract state of being. Students will review methods of development and practice using definition, compare-contrast, definition, and description to define their place or space, noting how their...

3 different colored circles overlapping in the middle.

Mediums for AP® Lang

In this activity, students will read and reflect on the different types of writing they might encounter on the AP® Language & Composition Exam. First, they will match the mode/medium of writing to a definition and to how this might look at the AP Lang Exam. From there, students will do a...

Written feedback from teacher that says

Secondary ELA Grading Hacks

As secondary English teachers, we know how important it is for our students to learn to write well. We also know that oftentimes means we have over a hundred papers to grade.