Examples of AP Lang students' doodle notes

AP Language: Doodle Notes

In this lesson(s), students will create “Doodle Notes” to showcase their understanding of one of the free response questions on the AP Language exam or of a text studied in class. "Doodle Notes" are a visual note-taking method designed to increase focus and memory. You can find more information here

ELA Activity: Eavesdropping Poetry

In this creative writing activity, secondary ELA students will use what they overhear in the hallways to write poems! Download the lesson template and hear from ELA teacher Jennifer Nash how she implemented this activity in her classroom!

Reflections from the 2023 AP Literature Reading

This summer, I had the privilege of scoring Question 2 at the AP Literature Reading. I had not been to the reading in a few years, taking off the summer of 2021 and serving on the standard setting panel in 2022. I was reenergized by seeing all of our collective efforts in motion. After my hiatus,...

ELA: Instagram Activity for Learning Vocabulary

For this activity, students are tasked with creating an Instagram post imagining that their assigned vocabulary word was a person posting on social media. All aspects of the post should relate to the meaning of the vocabulary word. It is more than okay if more than one student is assigned the same...

3 pieces of tissue paper cut into the shapes of human heads layered on top of one another.

AP Literature: Character Layers Analysis Activity

We are all constantly practicing the skill of character analysis. I remind my often insecure students of this fact before we dive into a difficult text. We are constantly asking ourselves questions like—Why did I just say that to my mom? What motivated my friend to get back with her jerk boyfriend?...