Catherine The Great portrait in black and white

AP Euro: Catherine The Great–Englightened Or Not?

One of the greatest rewards of teaching history is when students are able to show that they can think in a complex manner and recognize that history is often muddled with differing interpretations and controversies. Catherine the Great is one of the more complex rulers that students must study in AP

EL student writes text annotation on a sticky note

ELA Activity: Practice Annotating Texts

Annotation is a life skill, especially for our college-bound students. Reading something with a purpose, a strategy to comprehend at a higher level, and interact with a text are all things every person needs to function in our society. It is our job as educators to help nurture that skill as we...

Top 5 Takeaways From the 2023 AP® Language Exam

While the 2023 AP English Language and Composition exam represents year 4 of assessment using the analytic scoring guide and year 3 of the changes to the multiple choice section, for me personally, it truly felt like the 22-23 school year was the very first “normal” instructional year since the...

Behavioral Immaturity

Behavioral Immaturity in the Middle School Classroom

You feel it, I feel it, we all feel it: group dynamics are different now. I started this article with a rather long lament about it. We don’t have as much time to teach content now that social-emotional needs prevail, the skill disparity is growing, parents aren’t as supportive, resilience has...

Reporter holds out microphone for an interview

Interview with a Character (ELA Activity)

There are so many more interesting methods to writing a character analysis than writing an analysis paragraph. Oftentimes, English or language arts teachers forget that there is creativity in language and we should embrace it while also staying on track to grade based on our standards or curriculum...

8 books

8 "Herstory" Books You Need to Read

I know sometimes it can be a struggle to get kids excited about nonfiction. Even I find myself more drawn to the escapism of fiction. But our world is fascinating and complex and I find that the only way to fully understand it is by engaging with nonfiction.