Illustrated pencil writing on piece of paper. A speech bubble comes from the paper and pencil and inside it there is a government building and two hands sharing a handshake.

Tips for the AP® Gov FRQ

The Free-Response Question (FRQ) portion of the Advanced Placement® exam provides test takers with the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge on a vast array of topics in a concise manner. In many instances, each bullet can be answered in one to three sentences if students are able to...

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Aggressively Poetic

Leaves caked my front yard, suffocating the burgeoning grass below as I sat on the couch and told myself only one more episode of Law & Order and then I’ll get up and tackle the task waiting for me outside my front door.

Prepping Your Students for the AP® English Exams

It’s a month before the AP exam and you’re freaking out- You're trying to think about what you need to review with your students, what you should ask them to do, how you can best support them. What do you do? How do you set them up for success? How can you encourage them to review what they have...