AP® Exam Prep (2)

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AP® Euro: Tackling the DBQ

Many teachers consider the Document Based Question (DBQ) of the AP® European History Exam to be one of the more challenging aspects of the course. Students are faced with a variety of tasks that they must complete in one hour.

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APUSH: Start Small, Finish Strong—the SAQ

Early in a school year it can be a real challenge to know how to begin teaching students critical skills they need to score on the AP® U.S. History Exam. I don’t think there is any one right way to begin approaching exam skills with our students, but, personally, I like to begin with something that...

AP® Gov: Preparing for FRQ #4

You know the Style #4 Free Response Question on the College Board’s national Government exam can be a real challenge. I am talking about the argument essay that takes more time for students to plan and write. Because it is a little more challenging, I tend to dread then delay teaching it. Not a...