Get to know one of our editors, Joseph Bianchi, who specializes in AP® Social Studies. Joe answers our questions about how he carries over his 25 years of teaching experience to editing, what his favorite decade is, and reveals one of his hidden talents!


How does your past classroom experience impact the work you do as an editor?

Spending 25 years in public school classrooms has given me a unique perspective on what interests students, and I try to use that in my role as an editor. I also use that understanding to keep our books accessible to students with varying skill levels. As a teacher, I wanted to make AP® courses valuable and challenging to all students and knowing Perfection Learning® has that same goal is exciting. 


What do you like most about being an editor? 

As a teacher, I could see the impact that I had on student success and I still feel that value in what I do as an editor. I am fortunate to be able to still help students achieve their educational goals and continue important work. 


If you could grow up in any decade, which would you choose and why?

The 1950s. As a former U.S. History teacher, I have an appreciation for the decade of the American Dream. It was a simpler and more innocent time that I think would have fit with who I am well. The cars and music haven’t been topped in any other decade.


What is one of your hidden talents?

I play guitar and have for about 10 years. I am pretty self-conscious about my playing, so I rarely let others hear me play. I think the only people to ever listen to me play guitar have been my wife and kids. 


What is your must-have smartphone app? 

I don’t spend too much time on my phone, but I would have to go with The Score. I am an avid sports fan (specifically NFL and college sports) and try to stay aware of important sports news and scores. I spend a lot of time checking on scores from Saturday afternoon through Monday night.


Watch Joe speak about his AP® teaching background and what he loves about Perfection Learning's AP® social studies books!





Joseph Bianchi is currently an editor at Perfection Learning®. He has 25 years of classroom experience in social studies disciplines with a special focus on AP® U.S. History. He has a B.A. in Secondary Education and endorsements in U.S. History, Sociology, Geography, and World History. He has attended four AP® U.S. History Summer Institutes and has a passion for helping students reach their full potential.


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