As educators, we live for moments that revitalize our passion for teaching. Moments when we see the spark of comprehension in a student's eyes when they connect to a story, when we feel the energy of collaborative discussion unfolding in the classroom, or when we witness struggling readers and students with learning differences overcome challenges. 


When ALL students are able to access the best that literature has to offer, the results can be amazing. Of course, creating these moments is not always easy. We’re pressed on all sides, constantly feeling the tension of too much need and too few resources. Fortunately, there has never been a better time to explore tools to improve accessibility and engagement, and we've got a great starting point!


Check out this interview with educational experts about the emerging practices and trends shaping engagement and accessibility that will have you energized and full of ideas. You’ll leave with strategies, tips, and tools to make engagement and accessibility easier in your language arts classroom. Then download our accessibility and engagement article for even more ideas and resources for the classroom.